Wireless Systems
Full HD quality
Frames per second
Wires or Cables


The ability to simply click a button and wirelessly present has changing the way we present.

Crystal Clear HD Video

Not just PowerPoint! We can product full 1920x1080p video quality at full 30 frames per second to share videos and dynamic presentations.


Digital or Analog connections are available to fit the most flexible Audio Visual scenarios.


Whether you are using a PC, Mac or iPad the Barco ClickShare has something to save the day for wireless presentation without cables..



Enhance meeting presentations


Simplify user experience


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Full-featured wireless presentation system

ClickShare makes connecting to the meeting room’s video system a matter of clicking a button. This one click wonder not only helps the presenter get the presentation on-screen in a second, but it also allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. Sharing can be done via laptop PC or MAC, or via iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. The result is enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making.

More pixels, more content

ClickShare wireless presentation and collaboration system boardroomIf you are driving two projectors, two screens, or Double HD canvas, the full-featured CSC-1 Base Unit is the right choice. This unit is fully compatible with the ClickShare Buttons and the apps for mobile devices, and was optimized for use in high-profile meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Optimized collaboration experience

By enabling to display the content of up to 4 users simultaneously, the CSC-1 Base Unit brings a complete Clickshare collaboration experience. 64 Buttons can be wirelessly connected to the Base Unit, ready to share. Furthermore, perfectly synchronized sound and video ensures that movie clips can be optimally enjoyed. And dynamic content from iPads and iPhones can be shown using the optional ClickShare Link.

ClickShare Features

The CSC Base Unit features the ability to display on 2 screens simultaneously, show 4 different sources on screen, and enjoy synchronized audio/video. Combined with some additional innovations, this Base Unit gives users the premium ClickShare experience.

The Barco ClickShare is a wireless presentation solution conference rooms and training rooms. Barco has two versions the ClickShare CSM-1 and the ClickShare CSC-1.