Barco ClickShare

The world's most advanced and easiest to use Wireless Presentation System. With simple switching of Quad/Tri/Dual Viewing for collaboration in HD Video there is no substitute.

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Simplifying the world Wireless Presentation.

There are big differences in the needs of small, standard meeting rooms, and those of high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms. In order to perfectly answer our customers' requests, ClickShare is now available in two flavors: the new CSM Base Unit and the original full-featured CSC Base Unit.

Connect the ClickShare Button and start the application
Click to show your laptop screen on the large meeting room display
Share your content with other meeting participants

ClickShare introduces meeting room democracy – where everyone has the opportunity to be on screen. This enhances collaboration, and leads to better and faster decision-making. With ClickShare, your meetings will never be the same again!

Levi Davis, Technical Lead, CRS